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We are offering a high quality and affordable photography and video service in South -Central Wisconsin. Specializing in Real Estate Photography and Video. We are experienced in making your place look great and capturing every detail!

High quality HDR photography combined with flash photography and video walkthroughs, family and couples photography.
Expert video editing. Fast turn around, Competitive pricing, Dependable. 

We shoot most of our projects in HDR or high dynamic range combined with strobe flash. What that means is, instead of just taking one exposure for every image, we take between three and six exposures, capturing the same image but getting the scene outside the window as well as the details in the darker areas of the room. The multiple exposures are blended using software to make the space look great but to also look natural. In fact, more time is spent in the editing process than it takes to actually capture the photographs. Your photos will stand out from the rest.

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